Single Women 60+ and the Pitfalls of Questing for Love

Being older than 60, single and looking for romance has never been easy, and for women who typically outnumber single men, its especially challenging.  While the internet makes it easer for women over 60 who didn’t grow up with the “worldwide web” to get outside their social circles for dating and romance, I know from […]

She’s Pretty Irresistible!

WARNING! ******  She’s Pretty Irresistible!  Finding a meaningful relationship with an incredible man who can stand by her side are top priorities for this beautiful woman. If you’re an active, thoughtful, honest and confident guy, in your late 40’s to mid-50’s, you could be the perfect match, contact me 

Finding Relationship Gold!

At every Olympics event you see a series of athletes battle it out for gold. But away from the track, the sporting heroes are also rumored to be competing for each other .  Sound Familiar? Despite all your great intentions you feel you are continually falling short of your expectations and its’ negatively impacting you […]

Looking Forward to Your Next First Kiss ?

I know for a fact that one of the most incredibly important parts in our mate selection process is the first kiss.  The first kiss—well it can only happen once and it is the set up for the relationship that will follow. As I write this, I hesitated because I realized that over 60 % […]

Sometimes the Right People are Hard to See

It’s hard to see what’s right in front of you —literally. I say this because I feel that this seems to happen quite frequently in the lives of the singles that I meet.  Things especially in dating, that are obvious and right in front of us tend to get overlooked, taken for granted or assumed […]

Looking for Love in all the right places — Vancouver?

I hear it everyday, where are all the singles?  Well listen up YVR, Vancouver Singles do exist—but they’re just hard to find. If you have decided to leave it to luck alone — I decided to turn to the science of it and research some Stats Canada data to find the highest concentrations of single […]

Top 5 Places to Kiss in Victoria! DATING LOCAL – Matchmaker for Hire Victoria

  Over the last 16 years, setting up thousands of dates for my clients in Victoria most say they are looking to find a nook and steal a potential kiss! I felt I should do some up to date research on making it a memorable one……thought I’d share a few findings: Fan Tan Alley – Find […]

Happiness is a Drug and I’m a Dealer

Well, yah, sorta! I help my clients get closer to happiness in this crazy world of dating.  You can go from feeling like you’re the only single person out there to actually out there on really great dates. No drugs required! Anybody can get happier.  The first step is to decide you want to.  Sound […]

Keyboard Courage

My thought of the day; Choose your words wisely, keyboard courage can be dangerous. We all get negative/positive feedback especially when it comes to dating and how the new norm is to communicate on social media and/or texting for that matter.  Too many people develop “Keyboard Courage” and type the craziest things and hit send […]


We are currently in the middle of a heatwave and ready to enjoy not only the 150th Anniversary of Canada Day, another perfect long weekend of summer!  Since I just returned from a couple weeks of visiting family in Toronto and spent my week back nursing a nasty bug I picked up, I instead dedicated today […]