Single Women 60+ and the Pitfalls of Questing for Love

Being older than 60, single and looking for romance has never been easy, and for women who typically outnumber single men, its especially challenging.  While the internet makes it easer for women over 60 who didn’t grow up with the “worldwide web” to get outside their social circles for dating and romance, I know from speaking to many singles everyday, it only makes them more vulnerable to deception.

Here’s a couple of examples that some have discovered;

  • People are a little generous (not what they are) about themselves in their profiles.
  • 95% of the men use dating sites to go out and avoid a relationship-no matter what they say!
  • It’s easier to become emotionally intimate with someone quickly, and communication is instant- scammers are very skilled at seducing!

Now, I am not saying that you should be afraid to go online, yes, you will meet some frogs, but with a little cautiousness it does increase the odds — and that’s why we’re not going to end this piece without a happy story.

“I am ready to meet my soul mate. Before we even met she knew what I am looking for in a partner, and that is one of the great advantages, I think with working with Jane”.  He further comments “Despite the 6-1, woman to man ratio on the island, I know she will find the perfect match that compliments for us both” he says.

If you are in your 60’s, living on Vancouver Island contact me  for a personal and confidential interview for a potential to meet my client.

She’s Pretty Irresistible!

WARNING! ******  She’s Pretty Irresistible! 

Finding a meaningful relationship with an incredible man who can stand by her side are top priorities for this beautiful woman.

If you’re an active, thoughtful, honest and confident guy, in your late 40’s to mid-50’s, you could be the perfect match, contact me 

Finding Relationship Gold!

At every Olympics event you see a series of athletes battle it out for gold. But away from the track, the sporting heroes are also rumored to be competing for each other .  Sound Familiar?

Despite all your great intentions you feel you are continually falling short of your expectations and its’ negatively impacting you finding a love connection despite your willingness to have a relationship?

With the thousands of singles, we frequently meet we decided to analyse some of today’s dating behaviors and outline better winning performances that are needed to go the distance to be fearless in dating.  Nothing better than us bringing in the winning coach to help! Coach Rams’ approach breaks things down from a coach’s perspective and together we will define ways to help you apply it to a pursuit of LOVE.

Join me on Thursday October 12, 2017, 7-9pm, at our Vancouver Yaletown location.  Limited seats for the 1st of our complimentary Q&A series.



Meet Coach Ram Nayyar.  He has over 20 years + of it. –Canadian Olympic Coach and Best-Selling Author (The Sport of Life).  Coach Ram will show you that no matter what is stopping you, fearlessness is always the way forward.  He is an Olympic Level Coach and mentor, advisor and guide to elite and developing athletes, C-Suite Professionals and High-achieving learners, published author, motivational speaker and gifted storyteller; a unique blend of Western Practicality and Eastern Philosophy to drive an active process that helps his clients acknowledge, work through and ultimately overcome the fears that are holding them back from uncovering and achieving renewed motivations, success and happiness.





To concluded with some fun facts; surveys have  compared the success rate of pick-up lines at the games, revealing who won Gold, Silver and Bronze for their engaging chat up lines.

Scoring gold was Portugal. The most commonly used line was: “Hello, have I told you you’re a princess?”  

Spain took silver with the opening: “I’m sorry, but I could not resist your beauty.”

And USA took bronze, going with the line: “OMG, I’m speechless.”

Contact me,  today to reserve a spot. We want you to succeed in dating!


Looking Forward to Your Next First Kiss ?

I know for a fact that one of the most incredibly important parts in our mate selection process is the first kiss.  The first kiss—well it can only happen once and it is the set up for the relationship that will follow.

As I write this, I hesitated because I realized that over 60 % of my clients coming out of long term relationships, haven’t had a first kiss in many years.  Many have stated they couldn’t remember what it felt like or how it made them feel because their memory was from so long ago.

So Pucker up!  Being single again has its rewards—the anticipation of looking forward to your next first kiss and the excitement that comes with it.

Read on for all the juicy (but not slobbery) scientific details…….

Sometimes the Right People are Hard to See

It’s hard to see what’s right in front of you —literally.

I say this because I feel that this seems to happen quite frequently in the lives of the singles that I meet.  Things especially in dating, that are obvious and right in front of us tend to get overlooked, taken for granted or assumed otherwise.

So how can we all be better “participants” in the crazy world of dating?  Instead of merely pointing out the problems with someone maybe we can be more invested and look at the positives.  When combined with some experienced dating support (like your Matchmaker), re-noticing the exercise and examining its outcome can go a long way towards getting more 2nd dates.  For me, this is a standard for all our clients that can only lead to success in finding that what you want —can be right in front of you, sometimes even a few blocks away!

Things change continuously around us, and its easy to see something new everyday if you just open your eyes to it and your ideal match often hides just beyond what is immediately visible.

Can you see it?

Looking for Love in all the right places — Vancouver?

I hear it everyday, where are all the singles?  Well listen up YVR, Vancouver Singles do exist—but they’re just hard to find.

If you have decided to leave it to luck alone — I decided to turn to the science of it and research some Stats Canada data to find the highest concentrations of single women in Metro Vancouver.

In the few blocks along Granville south of Broadway, seven out of ten women are single – more than double the regional average.  Surprising?  Well that’s also true for much of Kits, especially the area between Maple and Vine Streets, and between Venables and First on Commercial Drive. But take a drive out to rural Langley, and east of WR in Surry, the odds of finding a single woman much lower.  There, less that two out of ten women are single.

Our take: Sometimes a guy needs a little help!

I can make you feel closer to winning the dating game than ever before!

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Top 5 Places to Kiss in Victoria! DATING LOCAL – Matchmaker for Hire Victoria


Over the last 16 years, setting up thousands of dates for my clients in Victoria most say they are looking to find a nook and steal a potential kiss!

I felt I should do some up to date research on making it a memorable one……thought I’d share a few findings:

Fan Tan Alley – Find a nook in NA narrowest commercial street to steal a kiss.  For a little extra luck pass thru Gate of Harmonious Interest and the red streetscape in Chinatown.

Mount Douglas Park – You can drive or hike to the top and share a view of Victoria – go at sunset and watch the snow-capped Olympic Mountains turn pink—this summer especially! Are you melting yet?

Sipping Martinis at Vista18 – unforgettable views, cityscape and the Inner Harbour, ocean, mountains!

Westsong Way – From the west side of the harbour, you’ll get the vest views of the Victoria skyline including the Empress Hotel and Parliament Buildings.

Dallas Road – Walk along the waterfront from Ogden Point to Clover Point, plenty of places off the pathway to hide a picnic basket lunch for two, take in the scenery and take the stairs along the walk that lead to quiet pocket beaches.

Willows Beach – pack a picnic and blanket; watch the moon rise over the ocean on the strip of sand in Oak Bay is totally a smooth move!  Let’s just say you won’t need hot chocolate!

Where’s your place you like to set off some sparks?



Are you looking for love in Victoria/Vancouver Island?

Contact Me .  I’m on the island meeting singles every week.


Happiness is a Drug and I’m a Dealer

Well, yah, sorta!

I help my clients get closer to happiness in this crazy world of dating.  You can go from feeling like you’re the only single person out there to actually out there on really great dates. No drugs required!

Anybody can get happier.  The first step is to decide you want to.  Sound silly, but wouldn’t we all want to feel happier?  I meet singles everyday who have been stuck in the rut of the dating scene, who have stayed in their comfort zone even if its not what they wanted.  Some have wished for some kind of magic solution and left it in the hands of the universe.  In theory, that’s why singles give online dating a try; they are wanting to have entertainment and instant gratification behind a screen.

If credible matches with singles serious about meeting someone resonates with you, with no harmful side effects and there is no way to overdose, then I am indeed your happiness dealer!

If you need help brokering out your happiness drugs, I’m available If you want to talk for five minutes to see if Matchmaking is right for you, write  to schedule a complimentary chat.

Keyboard Courage

My thought of the day; Choose your words wisely, keyboard courage can be dangerous.

We all get negative/positive feedback especially when it comes to dating and how the new norm is to communicate on social media and/or texting for that matter.  Too many people develop “Keyboard Courage” and type the craziest things and hit send and think that’s ok —it’s not!

Don’t think for a minute that potential suitors aren’t doing extensive social media checks to see what type of person you are.  They read threads, view pictures, read your words and check with their network of friends, in under an hour.  And based on what they find, they use that info to decide whether they want to meet you.  Of course, even the best of elevator pitches I can do for my clients won’t influence their opinion of you if you look like or have a reputation of being a headache waiting to happen.


My warning; keyboard courage especially in dating can go the wrong direction, very quickly, and remember that there are real people behind that avatar or profile.


If there is issue, take a step back from it all and always try to be aware of paths crossing again in the future!


We are currently in the middle of a heatwave and ready to enjoy not only the 150th Anniversary of Canada Day, another perfect long weekend of summer!  Since I just returned from a couple weeks of visiting family in Toronto and spent my week back nursing a nasty bug I picked up, I instead dedicated today to think about the rest of my summer and how I can make this a Summer of Love for my clients!

The Summer of Love refers to the summer of 1967, when an unprecedented gathering of as many as 100,000 young people converged on the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco.  Today half a century later, the most basic values and cultural assumptions of that moment and that movement still apply. From the words of Lennon;

There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where
You’re meant to be,
It’s easy.
All you need is love.

Is this your summer to find LOVE?

I’ll be waiting with flowers in my hair!