First of all, welcome! If you’ve landed on this page you probably want to know a little bit more about me and what I have to offer.  I have been deeply immersed in the world of Matchmaking since 2002, and in that time, I’ve learned a lot! The four main areas where I work with people are as a:

  • Matchmaker for Hire
  • Strategic Advisor
  • Dating and Relationship Coach
  • Dating Expert

With more than 15 years of working with the most eligible men and women of Western Canada and beyond, I’m able to give you some highly-specific, personalized advice when it comes to helping follow the roadmap that leads to your romantic success.

Thoroughly researched methods and well-honed personal intuition allow me to approach my work as both an art and a science, and I consistently help even my most high-achieving clients find lasting and deeply intimate connections that bring a sense of peace, balance, and acceptance to their lives in a way that few have known before.

As a seasoned dating coach, an invested listener, and an experienced guide for those who do not know how to take on the early challenges of building a relationship, I work closely with my clients – always providing meaningful feedback, reinforcing the value of committing to the process, and stressing that communication is a two-way street – I treat every client as a true VIP. My clients are always in the driver’s seat but I am always at their side…and it’s not uncommon for me to really “get” my client’s needs, even in the early stages of an initial consultation, which allows me to additionally focus on the personality types, drive, and ambition that are common with my clients.

When I’m not traveling across the provinces interviewing fantastic new men and women as potential match candidates and clients, I enjoy entertaining at home, spending time with my family and 3 cheeky Grandsons in Toronto, and nurturing my close (and in some cases, lifelong) friendships sharing in a mutual love of health, fitness, and dogs.

I really do know how to find true love. Are you ready to let me help you find it?

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To contact Jane Carstens, in full confidence, email jane@matchmakerforhire.com

“It is no surprise that single men and women across the country seek out Jane’s warmth and wisdom in ever increasing numbers. Her rare combination of high integrity, lively entrepreneurial spirit, and exceptional emotional intelligence allow close friends, clients, and strangers alike to connect with her in myriad ways. Her insight and discretion are legendary; though not common knowledge, Jane Carstens is truly a household name for some of the most dynamic people in Western Canada area, but those in the know simply refer to her as their “Cupid.”

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