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I’ve tried my hand at matchmaking now for close to 15 years. Set up thousands of couples; some saying I wasn’t close (yet I thought each time that they were perfect matches) and others (more than not) successful matches.  This is why it is hard to guess how two people will get on together. We may think two people would be perfect for each other yet when they meet there is no energy between them.

I determined early on that Bert and Tina (her 3rd match) were perfect for each other.  Obviously well suited, knowing both individually, but I didn’t know that third element; the thing that happens when the two are together, nor could I have predicted what was about to happen next.

August 2013, a cocktail date turned into a dinner date and then again the next day……and forever after that. Bert proposed in Bora Bora 14 months later and I felt goosebumps watching them “tie the knot” this past weekend August 27, 2016 exactly 3 years after their first date.

Like Bert and Tina, every new couple is a new source of light for the world and the ones around them. Even if I haven’t been successful, I don’t give up making matches. Who knows, maybe one day I will light the right flame for you…

Congratulations to Bert & Tina – August 27, 2016

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