Matchmaker for Hire is a boutique matchmaking service located in Western Canada founded by Jane Carstens, who for the last decade has been Western Canada’s most successful Matchmaker, Jane has gained tremendous insight into the Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary dating scenes and the pros and cons of the services which exist in the dating  marketplace. Her unique customer service based model ensures quality matches which lead to lasting relationships. If you are reading this you know how hard it is to find your soul mate. If you’ve done any online dating you know it can also turn into a full time job. Dating or introduction services, though great for large volume serial daters are at best hit and miss when it comes to finding that one ultimate and committed relationship.  If personal face to face consultation and ongoing support is what you are looking for in your quest for love it’s time to hire a Professional Matchmaker.   Ready to take the next step in your search for love?  Call Jane at Matchmaker For Hire now at 778-552-3350  or   [email protected] .