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Established in 2002, and founded by Jane Carstens in Vancouver BC, today Matchmaker for Hire is a renowned, privately owned, boutique premium matchmaking firm in Western Canada.  Dedicated to helping successful, affluent, educated singles, we provide personalized insight into the very private world of finding a partner. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC we service clients in Vancouver, Calgary, Victoria, and selective men and women across Canada and the USA.

Our passion for matchmaking and dedication to our clientele is reflected in our high success rate ( approximately 80% of our first dates result in a 2nd date) and we have hundreds of long term relationships and marriages to our credit…..

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Matchmaker for Hire works exclusively with successful, well-educated singles and we pride ourselves on meeting each and every member in person in their homes.  Our vetting process is significant as we get to know more about our clients, their goals, and what they hope to find in their next relationship.  We are also a very small team; our clients are not handed off to junior staff or assistants once we decide to work together.  Our approach to matchmaking is team-based, and remains so for the duration of our relationship.

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“I was happy with my first date but Jane insisted I meet Bert! Jane came to my house on a summer morning in August 2013, and we sat on my sunny deck barefoot and talked about my life for two hours; she met my dog, my kids, and she saw how I lived. I chose Jane because from what I knew about her, and that she would do the work for me and I didn’t need to share my photo and profile with the world, just Jane and her team.  It wasn’t too long after she called with an introduction for me, John and after a first meeting I found him as I thought, to be exactly who I was looking for, until intro #2.  Jane insisted that I meet Bert, I think she knew he was my perfect match, and she was right! Our cocktail date moved onto dinner and we met again the next day…….and forever after that.  Bert proposed to me in Bora Bora, 14 months later and we are getting married August 2016, exactly 3 years after our first date.  We are a match made in heaven and thanks to Jane she brought me my Prince!” – Tina R


  • “ You are not reading this today by chance, you are reading this today by courage and I know my life won’t be the same when I finally get to meet you!  I don’t know who you are, or what your looking for but if you happen to be looking someone who loves hot sunny days, the smell of fresh cut grass, quiet dinners at home with old friends and new adventures; we might have a few things in common. I love animals, comfortable clothes, I’m  a good communicator and I have a fondness for healthy living. Travel is a big part of my life and I spend most of my time semi retired  living and playing in Whistler, Pemberton and Palm Springs.
 Yes, Future Girlfriend, you are an intelligent, independent, physically fit, emotionally open, affectionate, family orientated, inquisitive woman 55-65 and I can hardly wait to meet you.” If you are serious about finding a great guy to add to your already full life and would like to learn more, don’t make him wait.  Drop me an email at jane@matchmakerforhire.com  along with a recent photo (and I will send you his) and we can begin the conversation.#loveletterseries 
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