Testimonials – Here’s a look at what our very real clients are saying

Because of Laura’s unique ability to match personalities, we met and have been inseparable ever since. Laura has a way of just “getting it” – it’s this gift of intuition I guess. She just “knows” when people will click and has a very casual yet professionally way of making sure the match happens.
The gratitude I have is overwhelming.
What price could we put on escaping the vicious dating culture and having someone to love and build a life with?
If Laura’s rates 10x over time I’d still pay it.  So. So. So worth it. …Thanks Laura. ❤️
From Jason – November 2019


“I was happy with my first date but Jane insisted I meet Bert!  Jane came to my house on a summer morning and we sat on my sunny deck and talked about my life for two hours; she met my dog, my kids, and she saw how I lived.  I chose Jane because from what I knew about her, she would do the work for me and I didn’t need to share my photo and profile with the world, just Jane and her team.  After meeting Bert (intro #3) I’m sure she knew he was my perfect match and she was right. Exactly 3 years after our first date we got married! We are a match made in heaven and thanks to Jane she brought me my Prince! ”

from Christina – August 2019

Bert & Tina