Testimonials – Here’s a look at what our very real clients are saying

Because of Laura’s unique ability to match personalities, we met and have been inseparable ever since. Laura has a way of just “getting it” – it’s this gift of intuition I guess. She just “knows” when people will click and has a very casual yet professionally way of making sure the match happens.
The gratitude I have is overwhelming.
What price could we put on escaping the vicious dating culture and having someone to love and build a life with?
If Laura’s rates 10x over time I’d still pay it.  So. So. So worth it. …Thanks Laura.
From Jason – November 2019


So I’ve been in a beautiful relationship for almost 3 years now. I met the love of my life in Cape Town, South Africa where I was going on Contract to work.
Who would’ve known that my soulmate was in South Africa… I’ve met my perfect match, a man that is aligned with my lifestyle and views, a man that treats me like a princess, that loves me unconditionally and that is simply on my page!
All of this wouldn’t of happened if it weren’t for Laura. She is the one that set us up to meet on the very first day I landed

I knew from the moment we met, that he was it. Forever grateful

Signed, Elisa – 2019


“We were very impressed with Jane’s intuition and determination.   She’s been able to romantically connect two very unique and driven people, and we’ll always be grateful for her mindfulness and caring.  We’re very happy and excited for our future together!

Thank you Jane!   Together we put this heartfelt review for how we feel about you introducing us.   Additionally, we both agree that if we would have any friends who are looking to find that someone special, you are the first person that we would introduce them to.  And that is sincere! ”

N & J – Vancouver, BC, 2019