Social media has changed peoples lives in the ways in which people ask each other out.  Apparently, asking for a phone number is over.  Why? Because people ask for social media info instead!

Even so, recent studies claim the phone call is more intimate than friending someone on Facebook, nobody makes phone calls you just get their phone number to text them, seems to be the new 1st base for singles!  That’s a whole other story! Take note, once you send a text or a photo, it’s sent and forever tied to your digits. Hold that thought, there are other options, check out our friends at “QTeeApp”   (watch for next blog post).

So, here’s what I have found; there’s a problem when you start digging into others social media and you immediately learn too much about someone and it’s an early turnoff overlooking a chance to get a vibe with you before you dig in too much.  Many singles have shared their online dating stories with me and some say they keep like a dossier on people and then they immediately decide if that person is not for them.  I find that just wrong!  Remember social media representation of the people putting themselves out there, really isn’t an accurate representation of who they are.  Sometimes you build a sense of that person, when you haven’t had a conversation with them, haven’t met them in person, and there is no sense of who that person is and you’ve written them off, without giving them a chance.

Take into account that most people have an idealized life that they post and people don’t put their real lives online, so I am a firm believer you need to see someone, smell them, need to know them; that’s part of what you learn about somebody!  Living proof, The Waiter Rule; You can tell a lot about a person by the way he or she treats the waiter and being rude to waiters ranks No. 1 as the worst in dining etiquette.  You may save yourself a lot of future problems by more “dining out” first dates.

I always encouraged my clients when I send them a profile match that you can’t speed up the process of getting to know that person on paper, you have to do it in person (unless you’re really not looking to hook up) and the reality is you can’t rush it, you have to take the time.

So, still thinking of going ONLINE “Communicating for FREE this Easter weekend and see where it takes you – it’s an Easter weekend of opportunity!” …….. Or is it…….!!!

What do you think?