We’re excited to introduce our Vancouver client. An extroverted and friendly Entrepreneur, Investor, family man, 5’11”, in his late 70’s and he is putting himself out there with hopes of finding love.  Grounded by his Pacific Northwest roots, he’s a humble kindhearted gentleman with an incredible laugh. He works out, enjoys motorized boating, great food, […]

I have noticed that for most of the singles I speak to, including me, surrendering is often the hardest thing to do.  And to be realistic, it’s hard to entirely step away from hustle-culture when you are in a life you are passionate about and a romantic relationship you want to progress in. Well, that […]

  Most singles often don’t know how to express what’s going on for them when dating is not working. It might be they simply don’t understand why its not working or know how to explain it. Its like you could literally run a mile away from it, and its making single people not want to […]

  It’s almost Christmas time again and, to borrow the words of a famous disco hit in the 70’s “Love is in the air”.   And its a well-known fact that love is “in the air” every Christmas. It features in songs we hear as we shop, commercials we see, and present in the cards we […]

  Before retiring, she has had a long-standing career in education in Victoria and is most proud of her work volunteering. This bachelorette is spending her “go-go years” planning group hikes, listening to a all kinds of music and fun golf. After traveling to over 20 countries, and a few road trips, it’s safe to […]

                                                                                          One word:  LOVE —  It’s ingrained in my mind and […]

                                                                      We are on the search for a Vancouver Bachelor for our Vancouver Bachelorette.   Meet Bachelorette B, a fun loving, […]

                                                                      If you are turned on by intelligence, you’re a sapiosexual. If this describes you, and you are looking for a […]

    Dating at any age is awkward, scary and often a pain. True, being in the over-60 group may mean that more people your age are already off the market, however after 20 years as a matchmaker and myself in my mid- 60’s, the mature dating pool isn’t dismal, even if all the apps […]

  Dating takes resilience.  And the more opportunities you give yourself, the better the chances you’ll find that person.  So maybe its not so surprising and even more encouraging that 90% of the singles I speak to who believe in true love say they know this because they have experienced it.  It’s the strongest emotion […]