I have seen over this last month with the singles I speak to, it can be quite difficult as a parent to adjust to a new home and family dynamic after the kids have moved out or on to university living. They have shared feelings of loneliness and restlessness and it’s important to realize that […]

Stop worrying.  Stop panicking.  Nothing good can come out of the expecting the worst. The way you are feeling, lost and alone, its normal. All singles go thru it. Thank yourself for how far you have come- it hasn’t been easy. If you’re not having the best experience and are open to creative possibilities and […]

The media & TV, you see, contributes to the failure of many relationship expectations around the world.  Glamorizing and magnifying fairy tales that cause us – women especially- to have unrealistic expectations about how successful romantic relationships are found and maintained and when you think dating becomes a challenging situation it becomes pervasive in your […]

To all the single men, I am honestly giving you a chance to meet one of our best Bachelorettes in an exclusive way, and at no cost to you. Stop dreaming and start dating – she is ready to meet you and she is quite the catch! She’s an attractive, slim, and established semi retired […]

One of the biggest things I work with Single Dads on when I’m matchmaking is that if you want to meet a 100 percent woman, you need to be a 100 per cent man.  Developing positive, healthy relationships with others only comes when you can develop a positive, healthy relationship with yourself. However, truth be […]

There is no secret in finding the right partner (we do it everyday)! Thanks so much to hosts Robin Farrell & Chelsea Smith on their very popular Vancouver Island hosted podcast “Don’t Mind if We Do”.  Come join us. There is always room for one more at their table and we shared a lot of […]

Vaccination badges and “super swipes” for people who have gotten their coronavirus shots were announced   this week.   Major dating apps in the U.K. including Tinder, Match and Bumble have partnered with the government to allow users to display a badge indicating that they have been vaccinated for COVID-19. But here is the caveat- its based-on […]

If you are reading this, I already know that you are searching for the same thing that our BC Bachelor is. He understands the theory that hoping and wishing, no matter the time, are not enough to find a new relationship, or better yet find love.  In our experience, finding your soul mate requires a […]

  While virtual “meetings” are the norm these days, completely replacing physical meetings during one’s search for a partner, is NOT.  Sure, online dating has been the in-thing over the last decade, finding soulmates this way has proven it is not such a safe-haven. At the onset of Covid, we seen a spike of calls […]

In Australia, there is the possibility of a radical overhaul of online dating, which would include having to show proof of ID to sign up to the platforms. Some men and women have claimed the rules under consideration by the Federal Government would lead to over-policing and “take all the fun out of dating”. Others […]