Want some inspiration for a new month! Choose LOVE! A very happy client sent me this photo today, making breakfast for her new love……-happy May!

Over 6 months ago, I had the absolute pleasure in introducing two people, who had tried for a while now to find love.  HE signed up for my custom search where not only did I look within my database of existing clients, I scouted as well.  Well it didn’t take long as SHE reached out after seeing what she liked in the ad, and the rest is history.  Two people who cant be happier.

“You truly have a special place in my heart for connecting me with the love of my life.  Every day with him is such a joyful, spontaneous, romantic adventure. Amazing connection. We are firing on all cylinders as my brother-in-law says! Thank you for making the magic of love happen. Let’s get together again soon!”

Congratulations to them both for  reaching out and choosing Love!-happy May!

eggs made with love.


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