World Cup fever has descended upon our glorious nation. Although our beloved country does not have a team playing in the FIFA World Cup, this month long event gives us an opportunity to support other countries who are vying for the same prize: worldwide domination. You don’t even have to be a true football (or soccer as we say in North America) fan to appreciate the dedication and level of commitment these athletes embody.

Apart from the actual football matches and prestigious awards handed out (Ballon d’Or and the Soulier d’Or – feel free to name drop), the World Cup is a great opportunity to get out there and meet lots of cute football players/fans/wannabe fans and players. Say for example, if you want to meet a passionate and masculine Italian man, go down to your nearest sports store and buy an Italy jersey. Or perhaps you’re looking for a reliable and courageous French man? Better make sure their jersey colors suit your complexion! At Matchmaker for Hire, we want to make the World Cup as stress free for you as possible. For this reason, we have found a list of the best spots in Vancouver to watch the World Cup. So find a team to cheer for, go grab yourself a jersey, and let the cheering begin!  #WorldCupVan

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