I am about to celebrate a birthday.  Which one, I will not tell, but I don’t feel any older, other than just another day where I have to remember to change the digit when people ask how old I am.  But enough about my birthday!

Birthdays are like your own personal national holiday; the one day a year when you’ve gathered the most important people in your life and they celebrate in your honor, and pretty much let you do whatever you want. With today’s restrictions where family is far away, and friends feel distant it makes you feel damn alone and as single as ever.

So, if you think that spending your birthday single is terrifying, here’s a few reasons exactly why you have to do it.

  • You don’t have to stress, it’s the single most selfish day of the year.
  • You’re free to stop and appreciate all the little things you come across on your solo adventure.
  • And being alone leaves you with no option other than to be brave; it will remind you of how naturally it is to be social (no social media) and talk to more people, socially distanced and you never know who you might meet that will turn your birthday from a status of single to taken.

There is no secret to finding the right partner (we do it everyday). In fact, singles have been eager to get back out there just 6 weeks into lockdown and we have had many relationships bloom despite restrictions, in mindful socially distanced ways.  It’s a new chapter you should enter with as much positivity, persistence, patience and clarity as you can.

Happy Birthday!

With so many people working from home, 2020 was not the most social year.  A lot of us got accustomed to dating via zoom meetings, others, craving an opportunity to get out and meet someone new doing patio drinks, or socially distance walks. 

In Canada, there has been caveats and province to province there has been snags.   East of Alberta has mostly been closed to all drink/dining out with second lockdowns in less than a year, but the West Coast was open with protocols and it has affected the way we access meeting other singles.  As a matchmaker for almost 2 decades, it has felt like a weird time because everything has happened, and nothing has happened, but it feels like we are finally moving in the right direction and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

This past year, we have seen the dating landscape shift in unexpected ways to all new approaches to relationships and we predict that more changes are coming.  A lot of the daters I speak to have a dating-related resolution for 2021, which include taking things slower and raising the bar when it comes to vetting matches.  Over the past year, most feel the pandemic has given them an abundance of time to focus on themselves, having more confidence to say what is, and is not right for them in their dating life. It has made singles think that having a sound communication and compatibility in a relationship is much more important than just intimacy.  And singles seeking long-term or serious relationships are willing to give multiple chances to the same person that they are dating and that they will stop using dating apps if they get serious. 

Most single people are already set in their heads that they are skipping this year’s Valentines Day, but if you really want me to give you some advice……Leave any leftover lovers in 2020, do not bring them with you into 2021.  By leaving old relationships and baggage behind you can be open to the new possibilities moving forward.

If you can think of it as New Years Day for a moment.  It is a time to hit the reset button on our lives.  We make resolutions, we think about goals we want to reach, and if we are proactive, we make a plan to get there.  This year imagine Valentines Day as a “Love Life Reset Day” — time to make resolutions in your love life.

In working with singles from new relationships to broken marriages to couples that has lasted for many years, I’ve learned that love is more about caring and kindness than romance and passion.  Personally, I’ve always been as confused about love as anyone—probably more so.  I think that by matchmaking for the last 20 years has in some ways caught me up to where some peoples understanding was already!  And I’m only partly joking about that.  Overall, my client’s stories have made me feel grateful and its what drives me knowing everyone wants love but not everyone can find it.

Heads Up!  It’s ONE MONTH till Valentine’s Day. Watching the Covid-19 data everyday, as I tend to do, has been a grim ritual.  In my neighbourhood, in the places where my friends, family, clients live and across the nation the cases, hospitalizations are getting worse and some are finding better.  So, when will there be some relief? 

The good news is dating is still happening despite a few new protocols.  As usual, there are caveats and province to province there are snags. Vancouver & Victoria you can still go out for a socially distanced drink or dinner, Edmonton & Calgary is shutdown to all indoor gatherings, and Toronto & Ottawa are on strict lockdowns.  Although it’s hard to know exactly what to do next if you are wanting to date, singles are more open to a more virtual first date (unless you are in or want to come to BC, right now its looking pretty good).  By getting vaccinated, pretty soon it will be significant enough to have a more positive effect on the big picture for traditional dating, fingers crossed by mid-February.  

All that said, I’m hopeful that my morning ritual will soon become a lot less watching and a lot more MATCHMAKING.

Our bachelor understands this theory the way we do. Hoping and wishing, no matter the year, are not enough to find a new relationship, or better still find love. In our experience, finding your soul mate requires a different, far more soul-enriching approach that can only enhance the outcome. We search from our record of eager single women who would quite like a boyfriend, along with assiduously recruiting as part of his visionary plan. 

So, to all the single ladies I am honestly giving you a chance to meet one of my best Bachelors—in an exclusive way, and at no cost to you. 

He is ready to put himself out there and he’s quite the catch! He is in his late 40’s, 6’1” and a good-looking, athletic guy who is caring, giving, smart, sincere and unique. He enjoys living a healthy lifestyle balanced with showing off his culinary skills, spoiling his “niblings” doing the uncle thing, summer and winter Whistler trips and travel.  He hopes to find his special woman soon so contact us at [email protected] to learn more for yourself or pass it on to you best girlfriends.

You may or may not have heard Santa is back on the market.  Here are just a few of the many reasons we can verify that he is a total catch.

  • One workday a year = you want to play hooky on a random Tuesday and take a day trip up the coast, He’s down!
  • His mind is like a steel trap for schedules and dates.  No anniversary is going uncelebrated with him.
  • He loves pets! He works with 12 moody reindeer and can handle anything.
  • He’s very comfortable with toys, if you know what I mean 😉
  • You can call him Daddy Christmas

Finding someone a person to share a romantic relationship with, who is aligned with them on core values, brings us great happiness…. contact us, Confidential Matchmaker for Santa and we will hook you up.

As a matchmaker for many interfaith couples, singles are taking a more united front. Not only do you have the opportunity to celebrate double the amount of holidays, that also typically fall around the same time and can be hectic–and they are just fine with that. Although the root of Christmas and Hanukkah celebrate two very different things, on the surface, they’re both about lights, gifts, and family and those are values singles are definitely looking for.

Although, the first time for some couples to come home and meet the parents– a relationship milestone– can hold a lot of promise of more excitement than nervousness.  Except for interfaith couples you already have a strike against you: you’re not the same faith.

For the most part singles who are not practicing a specific religion, following what their parents ingrained in them growing up —being on the religious fence somehow seems more manageable than one or both strongly devout.  Eventually, as relationships progress – with that first meeting of the parents behind them – you can begin to speak in earnest about the future of your relationship. And when it comes time to take those next steps, they all take a United Front.

The slight sting of not being “one of them” according to the couples I have matched over the years may always be felt, but as long as your partners on your side, it won’t matter. And just so everyone’s on the same page. Literally.  The history of each holiday is incredibly rich, and whether you’re educating one another or even a friend, it can be uplifting and beautiful to know the culture and meaning of every holiday.

This years’ festive season will be unlike any we’ve seen before, but that’s not a bad thing.  

My optimism for all things Christmas and being single could be attributed to decades of working within matchmaking and working harder in December than we do at any other time of the year and this year is no exception. 

Let’s face it, with all the apps on the market, there are more ways to meet someone today than ever.  One of the best ways though, might be the one that has not changed much for centuries, Matchmaking.  Since the pandemic hit in March, we have been inspired by the plight of people looking for real connections, and have welcomed new clients of all ages – starting with a socially distance meeting, and lasts for around an hour, during which we get to know each other as we would a friend. We have found people are not as shy or as reticent to express their feelings of loneliness and we think that’s so healthy and matchmaking is a natural way to address that.  We have never been more honored to help people when they come in—it shows they are really taking charge of their life. 

Could not be a more perfect time to make LOVE happen!

Contact us [email protected]

Halloween has been always an important holiday for singles looking to meet new people in a more casual setting and this year is no different.  Other than the virtual and socially distanced festivities and platforms required to safely partake in its festivities, it is important to pinpoint what works and what does not to make the search for love as effective as possible.  

  • Choosing a costume, right down to the details give a very clear first impression.  Pick something that reflects your interests, your date will begin to get a sense of who you are, right away. If your stuck go with eye catching funny!
  • Planning a seasonal date is very romantic, even if its spooky season.  Do some research for an outdoor, socially distanced, and perfectly themed safe Halloween date.
  • Skip the candy and savour sweet moments; throw a virtual Halloween Party.  If you cannot spend it in-person, get a group of friends and your potential new crush for a virtual gathering, costumes mandatory and see how your date fits in with your core group.

To join Matchmaker for Hire’s extensive, international network of singles and find that special someone ahead of the spookiest day of the year, please visit www.matchmakerforhire.com or email [email protected]

Pets have been openly discussed for a generation as surrogate ‘fur babies.’ We now see an emerging trend among young professionals since the imposing restrictions during the wave of Covid.  Having been forced to weeks of physical distancing, it is also driving many people of all ages to seek out emotional closeness during this period of isolation and get a baby animal.

Over half of people in BC love their pets more than their partner and all of them say they would consider NOT dating someone they suspected their pet did not like. As well, pressuring a partner to give up a dearly loved pet can also result in irreparable damage in dating.  So yes, it matters, sound familiar?

Here are a few considerations to determine if your “dog or cat person” considers them more than a pet:

  • They admit to shedding a tear when they must leave their pet at home at night
  • They share more pictures on social media than of their family
  • They brought their pet on a date (I know a lot guilty of that one)
  • They make up songs to sing to their pet like they are auditioning for American Idol!

No matter how you look at it, pets are extremely common in BC and around the world and one third of the population has a least one pet and is a fundamental part of who we are.

 So, which one are you?   Send us a comment with your experience!