I have seen over this last month with the singles I speak to, it can be quite difficult as a parent to adjust to a new home and family dynamic after the kids have moved out or on to university living. They have shared feelings of loneliness and restlessness and it’s important to realize that along with this big change come many possibilities, especially if you are SINGLE.  Rather than an end, this time in your life can be a wonderful new beginning.

It isn’t a bad thing; simply put its time for you to spread your wings.

Connecting with others who are looking for love in the same situation and those you may not have had time for in recent years.  You can start with brushing up on your dating skills, get some new photos, create a great bio and put yourself out there to meeting others for fun, friendship, or romance interests that’s totally new to you.

It’s easy and just a matter of putting forth an intentional effort to “date”.

If you need a little help, contact us [email protected] We are always keen to help. No Strings attached.


Stop worrying.  Stop panicking.  Nothing good can come out of the expecting the worst.

The way you are feeling, lost and alone, its normal. All singles go thru it.

Thank yourself for how far you have come- it hasn’t been easy.

If you’re not having the best experience and are open to creative possibilities and solutions today, I’d love to support you in your dating journey.

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The media & TV, you see, contributes to the failure of many relationship expectations around the world.  Glamorizing and magnifying fairy tales that cause us – women especially- to have unrealistic expectations about how successful romantic relationships are found and maintained and when you think dating becomes a challenging situation it becomes pervasive in your life.

Sometimes the impact is so great that it has virtually obliterated thoughts around dating creating worst case scenarios leaving singles exhausted and sabotaging their own relationship goals that you can’t get out.  How whacked is that?

Fortunately, there are several methods to stop this trouble-making pattern of thought – which over the last 20 years, I got to share with many of my matchmaking clients.  Getting back to traditional ways involving two people who are actually suitable for each other (imagine that) and who, with a little help from extended support often build a successful relationship…..over time.

Let’s be honest, not everyone is prepared for the full matchmaking experience and that’s okay —knowing a thing or two about what works and just having someone there to help can make all the difference.

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To all the single men, I am honestly giving you a chance to meet one of our best Bachelorettes in an exclusive way, and at no cost to you.

Stop dreaming and start dating – she is ready to meet you and she is quite the catch!

She’s an attractive, slim, and established semi retired BC woman living in the Whistler area who loves to laugh over a shared joke or friendly teasing. Her closet, like her interests, is diverse.  Her ski pants are next to her dress pants and her hiking boots are tucked in next to her heels. She’s a wine-lover, foodie, loves summer concerts, impromptu dancing, and handholding.  She prefers mountain views with the sun low on the horizon, seeks waterways on vacations, or simply lounging on her deck and she continues to travel and seek out new adventures.

If you are an athletic, fit gent with an easygoing vibe, 55+ and is more about spending quality time together, then she is looking forward to meeting you.


Forward a short description of yourself and current photo to [email protected] and we will contact you for a personal confidential interview.


As seen in Pique Magazine – Whistler, BC- Thursday July 1, 2021


One of the biggest things I work with Single Dads on when I’m matchmaking is that if you want to meet a 100 percent woman, you need to be a 100 per cent man.  Developing positive, healthy relationships with others only comes when you can develop a positive, healthy relationship with yourself.

However, truth be known about dating single dads;

  • You are some of the most loving, compassionate, and fun guys to date with no energy for drama knowing that every moment you spend with someone is time away from your kids.
  • You are a man who does not run from responsibility, and isn’t afraid of the words “love, marriage and family”.
  • Your badge is of a man who knows the mystery of the amazing booboo kiss, who spent a whole summer in a blanket fort, is a constant true role model and hero to his kids knowing life is filled with endless possibilities and that real love does exist!

But I know you can and will, find the right woman for you the moment you actually decide to commit to finding her.  SHE is out there right now waiting for you (perhaps going on dates with rather disappointing results) and SHE is relying on you to go out and find her.

Commit, believe, and get your woman, its Fathers Day!

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There is no secret in finding the right partner (we do it everyday)!

Thanks so much to hosts Robin Farrell & Chelsea Smith on their very popular Vancouver Island hosted podcast “Don’t Mind if We Do”.  Come join us. There is always room for one more at their table and we shared a lot of laughs and fun chatting ways on how to take the guesswork out of finding your person in the landscape of todays dating.


Need some help or know someone who does?  Send them the link below and have a listen. Episode 9 “Matchmaker Matchmaker…Make me a Match!”



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Vaccination badges and “super swipes” for people who have gotten their coronavirus shots were announced   this week.   Major dating apps in the U.K. including Tinder, Match and Bumble have partnered with the government to allow users to display a badge indicating that they have been vaccinated for COVID-19.

But here is the caveat- its based-on trust and there is NO WAY of VERIFING.

Internet dating sites have already proven a possible lack of protection features when it comes down to identification verification. Most of the people we speak to say this has been a growing reason why online daters have grown to be much more skeptical and looking to alternative methods, like matchmaking to connect with other singles who are verified in person.  Over the last few years, I have heard several stories of crime linked to internet dating where crooks are producing profiles, photos, even dummy website pages that are fake and they continue to seek out vulnerable singles on dating apps, even when the authorities are contacted.

So, how exactly can you get verification on others you might potentially date? 

Considering our very own research and thru the information of people we speak to everyday say they appreciate that all our clients have actually been thru a face-to-face, Matchmaker Verified process. Where confidentiality and protection are priority and personal data is not shared and they are matched with others who are verified as well, and that they are genuine and legitimate.

If you are trying to look for long term LOVE, only use a trusted, well-known Matchmaking Service.

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If you are reading this, I already know that you are searching for the same thing that our BC Bachelor is.

He understands the theory that hoping and wishing, no matter the time, are not enough to find a new relationship, or better yet find love.  In our experience, finding your soul mate requires a different, far more soul-enriching approach that can only enhance the outcome. He appreciates we search from our verified database of eager single women who would quite like a boyfriend, along with diligently recruiting as part of his plan.  We know he is not one for “dating” and he trusts our process of arranging this search, because we know who he is and who he would like in his life.

So, to all the single ladies, I am honestly giving you a chance to meet one of our best Bachelors in an exclusive way, and at no cost to you.  He is ready to meet you and he’s quite the catch!

He’s a tall, handsome, fit and established entrepreneurial semi-retired BC gent living in the sea-to-sky area.  He prefers mountain views with a long stretch of weekend time off with no official plans, yoga on the deck or simply lounging by the fireplace with a really good book. A former professional athlete, he’s equally comfortable in a business suit, ski suit, hiking boots or snowshoes; he enjoys golf and continues to travel and seek out new adventures.  

If you are an attractive, effortlessly athletic woman 55-65 who is less concerned about climbing the corporate ladder and more about spending quality time together, enjoy the mindset and variety of what a mountain lifestyle has to offer, then he’s looking forward to meeting you.  

Forward a short description of yourself and current photo to [email protected] and we will contact you for a personal confidential interview.



While virtual “meetings” are the norm these days, completely replacing physical meetings during one’s search for a partner, is NOT.  Sure, online dating has been the in-thing over the last decade, finding soulmates this way has proven it is not such a safe-haven.

At the onset of Covid, we seen a spike of calls go up with local singles looking for help to meet local singles for face-to-face meetings.  And today, the trend has continued even with the changing restrictions, as singles are relatively more relaxed and want to go back to a world where face-to-face dating was common.

Its interesting to see the newfound appreciation expressed with so many singles for wanting to meet someone local and close to home, albeit with requisite precautions.

If you are looking for love with someone who has the qualities you value, look no further.  We are experienced professionals that will give you a leg up with a client database with over 2 decades of knowing your area.

In Australia, there is the possibility of a radical overhaul of online dating, which would include having to show proof of ID to sign up to the platforms. Some men and women have claimed the rules under consideration by the Federal Government would lead to over-policing and “take all the fun out of dating”. Others agree proving identity to gain access to the websites and apps is a great idea that would make them feel safer and confident to meet up.

Over the last year where we have had more restrictions, a lot of singles have been looking to online for dating.  The singles I speak to have been weighing in with the fact that they would feel safer meeting people from apps if they were VERIFIED.  The fact that there needs to be a lot more security and authenticating someone is a great first step.  There has literally been many situations and experiences for singles I have spoken to of fraudsters more over the past year alone and for most there is nothing much that can be done.  Some revealed they had been scammed with matches they have communicated with regularly over weeks and for some months, over the phone.   They never got to meet the person and said that there were excuses when asked if they could facetime to get to know one another and the red flags came when they ultimately asked for money.  There has been many cases showing fraudsters and abusers could work from the apps with little risk of being caught and even worse repeat offend.

From my experience, I do not think policing the sites would take the fun out of dating at all, it might actually “take the FEAR out of dating”.  However, singles who want to meet other trusted singles do the right thing.  Hire a Matchmaker to meet a Matchmaker Verified Single.   Clients we work with must provide identification including pictures of their passport or drivers license, and for some I even go to their homes to be verified.

Do you think singles should have to prove their identification to sign up to meet YOU?

You decide!