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  1. Lorraine Benn
    Lorraine Benn says:

    Hi. I am interested in hearing more about the gentleman in the post above. To start with how tall he is. As I’m tall I hesitate to go further if he’s not.

  2. Julie spooner
    Julie spooner says:

    A friend’s husband read this profile in the Times Colonist. He immediately said “julie”. So here I am replying. I am a retired Educator. Now, I am very involved in my community. I am part of a dynamic seniors live long learning organization. I am constantly exposed to stimulating subjects for the pure joy of learning. I am also a very healthy active woman. My favourite activity is cycling but I regularly go to the gym, play tennis and kayak in the summer
    Why am I replying? I enjoy my rich full life. I have many dear friends. I am searching for a close , intimate relationship. A smile in a crowd. A touch of the hand in passing. A connection. All of this in a person of quality.
    Vancouver Island is quite large so for reference I am in the Comox Valley.


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