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Despite what you read or see with the overwhelming amount of commercials for free weekend sign ups, online dating really does have a massive decline-Hiring a Matchmaker is the way to go!

Disillusioned online daters are covering all their bases these first few days of the New Year by hiring a real-life Matchmaker. Singles looking for LOVE are relying on their Matchmakers to find quality matches to relieve the stresses of dating. Stats have shown the more online dating you do the worse at it you become and feel about yourself!

The aim for us is to get our daters to think differently about potential mates and matchmaking is a good way to get you to set your priorities straight and encourage open-mindedness.  We date them before you do, and have those conversations that are normally “taboo” on a first, second or even 3rd date.

We are a full time team of ‘Hired Cupids” who are scouting all the time and we don’t take someone on as a client unless we have quality matches for them.  That’s why 80% of our first dates turn into second ones that are definitely more than a minute (the typical online date time), and you actually have to dress up (the typical online attire- jammie pants).

We like the clients that have their lists, however, the most common wish is that most really want to be with “someone who makes them really laugh” and not  #LOL (the typical online chuckle).


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