How One “Matchmaker for Hire”  T-shirt changed everything!


When Steph, a member of our Matchmaker for Hire team, put on her M4H T-Shirt on the morning of July 27th 2012 for last years Calgary Folk Fest, she didn’t know she’d be changing lives that very afternoon. After going through her twitter feed and noticing that there was a giveaway at one of the retail concessions, Steph went over to check it out. Monica, who was in charge of Marketing for the event and had written the tweet, immediately noticed Steph’s shirt as she approached the tent, “Boy, do I need you!” she said. Just that past week, Monica and her mother had been talking about how when she returned home to Edmonton from her business trip at Folk Fest, they were going to get started on a Plenty of Fish profile for her. Monica had been single for a while, focusing on her career, and had decided it was time to get out there again.


Monica and Steph got to talking, and clicked right away. Monica, a beautiful blonde, was sports-minded, health-conscious, strong, organized and great at her job. As they continued the conversation a light went on in Steph’s head, “you’d be perfect for Mike!” she thought. Mike was Steph’s golf-buddy and Physiotherapist. Also happy, healthy and athletic, Mike was a quality single guy and she jotted down his number for Monica, “You guys have to meet!”


As Monica called her mother to say, “you won’t believe what just happened…” Steph called Mike to tell him the exciting news.


Three days later, Mike and Monica were on the phone. As Mike lived in Calgary and Monica in Edmonton, it took a little bit of coordinating to get the first date organized, but after their first dinner in Calgary, they knew they’d found something special.


Fast forward one year later– trips to Mexico, endless back and forth, meeting the families– and Monica and Mike are moving in together. Monica credits her willingness to take a chance that day as the reason she is with Mike now– “If you see a sign, go for it,” says Monica. “If I’d never seen Steph’s Matchmaker for Hire shirt and approached her, been so open-minded, I never would have met Mike.”


Steve and Moira-Calgary Folk Fest

The Happy Couple

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