Can you imagine dating and doing what you are doing now for the next 1 or 5 years?  Does that work or does it terrify you?  If it terrifies you, you’re not alone.  Most people I meet can hardly picture how there going to survive the next week with the way that they live, work and date – let alone the next 5 years!

This is a major problem as most of us want to have more fun, more time, better dates and the reality that we end up with is far from that. Overwhelmed, time-starved and buried in an endless number of online potentials who are looking for romance on dating sites, who are not serious enough, who send you winks, smiles, pokes only to find they are “experimenting” and then they “ghost” you.

I’m far from having all the answers, but I have been successfully matching couples for 15 years now, helping them with all that.  Plus, the last couple years been taking my business to the next level, moved on from a 10-year marriage, and trying to squeeze in exercise, so yeah – I get how crazy life can be.  However, because I have the proper systems in place in for my clients and my business, I was able to not only survive – but THRIVE- amongst the craziness of life this year and successfully change a lot lives too.  What I can do is help give you some highly-specific, personalized advice when it comes to helping you follow the road-map that leads to your romantic success.

You can have it all!  Part of the solution- prioritize wisely, be crystal clear on what is important, make the time and get a game plan to find LOVE.

Jane Carstens


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