Thursday is International Left-Handers Day and it made me think about a few studies I found.  There is no denying it; southpaws have had a tough run, strange prejudices, taboos, negative mentions in the bible, but despite all that right-handed flack, lefties are a pretty badass group.  After all a relationship is all about balance- so put your right hand out there and grab a leftie to make a match.

Being left or right-handed influences the direction a person tilts their heads when kissing- although it was only the case if they initiated the kiss. Research found that more than two-thirds of “kiss initiators” and “kiss recipients” turned their heads to the right and men accounted for 79% of the kiss initiators.  The head-leaning direction of the kiss initiator also strongly predicted the head-leaning direction of the kiss recipient.   Ok now we’ve figured out the kissing, does right versus left matter in the sack?  Oh you bet.  Over 80% of left-handed people reported they were “extremely satisfied” with their sex lives.  Only 15% of the righties could say the same.

 Either way, lefties have the upper hand— That’s a chance everyone should take!

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