All that comes from Love is worthwhile!  For me , 2016 marks 14 years as a Professional Matchmaker and yes it is an amazing job!

Most people think that when they hire me to help find them someone to share their life with it is my job to “match” them and send them on their way.  This may be what most matchmakers do but I have learned over the years that it is not always that simple.  The hardest part of what I do is actually the most rewarding and that is helping the client get out of their own way.  We all have room for improvement and this is where coaching fits in.  It is not only my job to match my clients; it is my job to help them present the very best version of their authentic self so they are prepared not only for a date but to develop a healthy long lasting relationship.

The fact that I have been doing this for 14 years should speak volumes.  I actually stopped keeping track of marriages after my first 5 years.  I was at the point where I knew it worked and keeping up with the “statistics” just became extra work which meant less time I could focus on matching my clients.

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