Had fun this morning chatting to 101.5 Kool FM and Tarzan Dan on Valentines Tips to make sure you are still in a relationship come February 15!

Since money doesn’t buy love, why spend a fortune on gifts this Valentines Day?

How much do you spend on Valentine’s Day? $20 for chocolates ,$50 for Flowers, $100 for dinner for 2

You don’t have to break the bank to keep from breaking your lovers’ heart—just use imagination and initiative!      Being romantic can actually be pretty inexpensive.

For the LOVER of Food Throw a Romantic Dinner (after all a way to a man’s Heart is thru his stomach)Look for a high end grocery store in your area that offers fancy take home dinners.  Pick it up with a bottle of sparkling wine (Italian Prosecco) set a nice table at home.  You’ll get away with half the price.

Do a Chore –Offer a gift of labor….a good gift must be specific and as immediate as possible……..Offer to detail his/her car and set the date to do it.

Think Estate Jewelry (always make it really personal when you can) –Shop Antique stores and look for a piece that doesn’t look like it came off an overpriced assembly line.

Time Shift (who says you have to celebrate ON Valentine’s Day) –On February 14, flowers and dinners are double the price, why not celebrate yours a little early or later!




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