Today love is triumphant.  Marriage is becoming less conventional, less dutiful and less obligatory—but even more important we find that not all people over-50, single again and dating, find themselves end up technically married.  And because for most couples, weddings are no longer obligatory, they must however be extraordinary.

For couples today, marriage has changed from being a rite of passage to a celebration of love and commitment – a sign that two people are ready to stand up in front of friends and family and commit themselves further.  However, marriage should be entered with a cool head and know that weddings join families, not just couples. It can take the already complicated and complicate it more.  And for most people dating with MORE than a few life miles left on the clock, they still idealise marriage but think of relationships as something to go slow and it be undertaken at some point in the future, or perhaps not at all.

Mastering the old-fashioned way of finding love means you are “looking to be matched not bombarded by dates” and there are ways you can embrace old-fashioned dating and still feel empowered in a because ultimately you are calling the shots. While most midlife singles aren’t exactly in a hurry to meet a new partner, they all would like to meet someone for companionship—or more.  And, this new phase of life to begin with a lot of laughs, some fun, some intimacy and definitely, some good food.  

However, I can’t help but also think about how important it is for singles today to really know when it is real love, as opposed to a vision clouded from a fast moving, whirlwind of a romance and emotions that would make anyone swoon.  Now that’s crazy, stupid, love.

WATCH: An encore presentation of the CARPe diem Season 2 opener: Zoomer Weddings – Navigate love and commitment later in life with some insight from those who tied the knot twice.

Join host Carmen RuizyLaza and her guests Marina Adshade (, Jane Carstens of Matchmaker For Hire, and Darrin Hotte from @New Solution Mediation, & special guests Bert Hick and Jim Doyle, this Friday February 20 at 5:00pm on Joytv BC.

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