Success in dating, much like “Day Trading”, really boils down to two things; what’s going on inside your head and what’s happening with your results.  The key is to get the two in-sync with one another– rather than on the collision course to the calamity you may have it on right now. This basically means having “things come together to a point” which means stacking the odds in your favour……. yes, even in dating.

Ready? ……Let’s Go!

As a Professional Matchmaker for the last 16 years, I always need to see a high-probability element and at that point it’s a definite reason to make a match.   The more supporting aspects or commonalities clients have, the more likely I am to recommend they meet.  Here’s a quick checklist of some factors of dating you can look at to increase the chances for success in dating for you;

  1. Put a game plan together – A dating plan will glue together everything and help hold your “rational” state together.
  2. Accept Reality – Don’t fight it – One huge thing daters forget is there is always tomorrow, don’t feel rushed or pressured to need to date. The more relaxed the better you will do.
  3. Serious Dating cannot be your Plan A, right out the gate! – You need to be as stress-free as possible and if you feel like you have “minimal options” when you’re ready to meet someone, you’re going to become emotional and over-think/over-compromise and ultimately lose.
  4. Remove Expectations – Just because you have a type doesn’t mean that’s what you need! Don’t try to make every date a serious adventure. Instead accept every date as a cost of finding love in this dating market.
  5. Become a MinimalistBeing relaxed, patient and disciplined are all things that are much easier to achieve if you take a minimalistic approach to dating. This means, you don’t need to analyze, to don’t need to look at time frames, and you don’t need to stay up all night watching winks and smiles from your online profile. Set and forget and you will create the proper dating mental state simply as a side effect!

Conclusion…to those on the outside, finding the one is not the result of getting lucky.  Rather, it’s the end result of putting everything together.  Like most things in life, it is the end result of doing a lot of little things right, consistently and it only takes one slip-up of your discipline to start an emotional snowball of dating mistakes.


Safe-guard yourself.  Develop these dating habits or learn a no fluff, no filler, just an honest effective better chance at successful dating right from the source! ……….. CALL ME!


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