If there is one question every one fears wrestling with it’s “How do I know if she/he is the one?”.  A question that could change the course of our lives, for the better or for worse. While that may seem to be a yes or no question, I’ve spent the last 15 years of my matchmaking career listening to clients who wonder if it’s “the one” and I must say, its caused unnecessary woe.

Sure, I do meet some clients who report knowing “it’s the one” within minutes of meeting, and then there are others that often torment themselves by focusing on what was “not perfect” with who they have dated and avoid taking responsibility for their own issues.

Well, the truth is we are rarely, if ever, going to feel fully prepared (and confident of perfection) when a great opportunity for LOVE comes our way — and we have to be okay with that.

I believe that all my clients can do great things when it comes to dating-even before they think they are ready. I believe this because I am happy to report, its proven, that many are thriving in relationships today.   We all grow and thrive by taking risks, accessing confidence even when we don’t feel 100% competent and stepping out even when we’re not perfect!  It’ll never be perfect – do it anyway!

You see…….she’s perfect and I’m, well, her Matchmaker! Contact me to hear more [email protected] 


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