Last week I attended a shower for Wendy and Bill, a couple I matched together  September 2010, and the big DAY is less than weeks away at a family ceremony in Mexico!!!!

Kim P (pictured right),  referred Wendy (62, pictured center) a friend of hers to me to help her in her quest to finding her soul mate.  Wendy even went on Shaw TV with me in an interview at the beginning of her soul mate journey that you can watch, and is posted on my site on my media page.   Bill, the second gent I  sent her on a date with,  didn’t start out as that instant match. They had a great time on their first date, and she said she hadn’t felt so good in ages, but she wasnt sure…..I said, Why don’t you just try seeing him again?  The next Halloween — nearly a year from their first meeting — he trick-or-treated at her door dressed up in costume, dropped to his knees, with a ring in his hand.

I can still remember her calling to tell me the news. She was crying and said, ‘If you hadn’t encouraged me to see him again, I might not have. Now I’m getting married!’”

Many Thanks to Kim, and Congratulations to the Happy Couple, Bill and Wendy!!!!!!!  Happy Retirement too!!!!!!


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