After numerous health problems and maybe a few divorces behind you, it would be fair to say you have experienced, good or bad, quite an interesting life. Here is some insightful information taken from introducing thousands of 60 something singles on gracefully starting over in the dating scene for the next third of their life.

Relationship or Fling?– Most 60 and older singles are looking for a relationship filled with fun, companionship and intimacy (ahem …sex).  Not to say marriage is goal, but if the relationship is wonderful – marriage follows.

What are most looking for?– This needs to be divided into 2 categories, what women want and what men want. Women more than often have their own economic and social standing. They are now able to select the man that they want rather than having to choose a man for financial support or social status. Men want a companion with whom to enjoy their golden years. Some want friendship-not sex. Some want sex, and lots of it.

Are all the good ones taken?– While most sixty-something’s tend to opt for modest outfits, today we find most refuse to let their 60 something years define their dress code and lifestyles. Your appearance can make the statement that you respect yourself. Those who can and will are the undiscovered gems. They’re the good ones-not yet taken. Stats say that 54% of the population is single and over 70% of people over 60 and are single date regularly, so that means every day a new crop of potential “good ones” comes on the market…’s never been a better time!

If you are re-entering the dating game, the old tried and true method of introductions by friends and family still works, although hiring a Matchmaker can’t hurt!! It’s safe because someone you know and trust, knows and trusts him/her. We call this the credible introduction. I urge all “mature” singles to just get out there or contact me , it’s not as hard as you think!

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