Check out some of our favourite testimonials from 2013!

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– “Thank you Alex (and Jane and everyone!), you’ve made my life complete. It was a pleasure working with you– you are brilliant. You were the one who presented the company to me in such a good way that I was anxious to meet with Jane. You were also the one who told me to give him a chance when I was having second thoughts. Thank you for that too, you are very intuitive. I shouldn’t have told you about marriage talks (mums the word) It still isn’t a done deal and I don’t want to jinx that, but we are both so happy together. Thank you again Alex.”

– “Jane, this note comes to you with my best wishes at Christmas and for the coming year. 2013 really began for me on the day I met you this spring, and I will be ever grateful to you for introducing me to her. We are having a lovely time together and (while I think she is sometimes overwhelmed by my enthusiasm) enjoying life enormously. Mexico in October was fun and we are now back from ten days in London, which was just great. I wish you continued business and personal success and remember that you have made this guy very, very happy.”

– “Thanks Jane. Yes we seem to be kindred and make each other happy. He is very sincere and kind. Thank you for spending time with us and I am delighted to inform you that I am pursuing my relationship with him and close my file. He makes me very happy!”

– “Hi Alex, all is very well here with her and I. I will be forever in your debt 🙂 Keep up the good work, Alex.”

– “I want to say THANK YOU a million times over for bringing me the Love of my life. I will be forever grateful to you, I have never been so happy :-)) Thank You!!!!”

– “Thank you so much! I’m so very grateful to have him in my life and I’m telling him that a lot 🙂 He’s the sweetest, most gentle, caring, thoughtful, handsome and funny guy. He’s the one that makes me giggle and smile. I know I’ll die an old lady with smile lines and not frown lines thanks to him. Some days you must wonder if you’re making a difference…well you can feel satisfied knowing you’ve made a huge difference to me. Thank you!”

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