Is an aversion to swearing a deal breaker for you in Dating? PS: Let’s say all curse words, starting from ass and damn.

Well, cursing itself can sometimes be good for your psyche; it’s a form of venting. Some studies have even claimed it’s a pain reliever.  Of course there’s a separate matter of whether someone abuses it or not; for the most part its not an attractive action on a date and can feel more like being in a Godfather Movie!  It also has a kind of vicious circle with bad temperament: we swear more easily when we are in a bad mood, which fuels said bad mood.  Social media posts and the use of profanities, well that’s another story; keep in mind that everyone can look at said posts and judge current self based on these posts which can make things slightly dangerous and not just in dating.

So, from what we know from our clients’ feedback, unless he/she swears often (even once might be too much), it’s typically not an issue. If you find yourself dating someone and it bothers you that much, either you change, he changes, or you cut (and do remember that you can change too, by choosing to accept that side of him/her).

A bit of a non-answer, I know; but, at least for me, I wouldn’t want the man I’m dating to curse like a sailor in-front of me, but if something drops and he says “Sh!t” from time to time. I won’t get offended, I’ll get him to contribute to the swear jar!

Jane Carstens

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