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Due to readers demand after publishing in December 2015 “Matchmakers on the Challenges Men Have in the Dating Scene Today” I was asked to participate again with a select group of matchmakers from around the world to discuss the subject from the women’s point of view. Thanks to Anat Ben-Shaul, A for Lifestyle from Seattle, to add me to her exclusive group to comment in her blog “Matchmakers on the Challenges Women Have in the Dating Scene Today” ! Here’s my take:

Contrary to popular belief, women in the dating scene today find there are lots of opportunities to meet wonderful men…it just takes longer! Sure it can be pretty tough – well not just tough, but confusing. Confusing in ways that most of us girls probably don’t understand. So having watched clients make more than a few mistakes, here are a couple points, as plain as we know how to say it, to help in essence see the situational truth in dating:

Giving up to Soon? No matter the age, the most beautiful, most accomplished – if you’re dating there will come a time when you get rejected. Most often today, it comes in the form of never getting another call…and that means rejection can be good for you as you don’t want to waste time on that guy anyways. Keep your self-esteem intact; great communication is the beginning of a meaningful relationship.

Are you saying NO to the Good Guys? We all have lists of what we want and those lists to judge the men we meet. Have you thought about whether there is anything there that might be making you say “NO” to the Good Guys? Time to rethink your list!

Playing Hard-to-Get? Some men love the chase, pursuing romance and saying all the right things. And when you play hard-to-get, you’re likely to attract these men. But men who chase are often men who leave. Grown-up confident men of depth don’t participate in relentless pursuit.
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