A return to old fashioned courtship for todays dating dilemma’s.romance revival pg 5romance revival pg 4romance revival pg 3

Romance revival pg 1

Romance revival pg 2

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  1. Samiulhaq
    Samiulhaq says:

    Good post! My boyfriend cnruertly is a very poor grad student but is in engineering and a very hard worker and will no doubt make decent money. Maybe not rich, but there is a possibility. It would be nice if he were wealthy, but it isn’t an issue, and it isn’t how I was brought up anyway. I think it is more of an issue for girls with wealthy parents that do not get well paying jobs. Our parents don’t have a lot of money and did not pay for our schooling, nor will they help with a house. And it is fine. I would probably not date someone who chose a low paying career or who was not ambitious and good with money. Probably not, but who knows? I would want someone of about equal status as me financially.


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