The phrase “fishers of men” is one of the most well-known lines in the entire New Testament, and the most important metaphor for evangelism. Sounds like a job for Matchmaker for Hire! We are self-confessed natural born matchmakers with a penchant for finding great men, and men we get!

Men who are busy and successful they have neither the time nor inclination to traipse through the traditional dating process in order to find their girl.

“It always amazes me how many powerful men there are, willing to do what it takes for us to find them the woman of their dreams.  We scour the country acting as the men’s eyes and ears, looking for eligible – and qualified – women to add to our exclusive ladies’ database. I can cast the net far wider than they ever could- however not as easy as spotting a true blonde or svelte 20-something, we rely on extensive interviews and instinct for that; so far, I haven’t been wrong.”

There is a difference between matchmaking and dating services like eHarmony or We deal with commitment-minded men who are well educated, well groomed, upscale, amazing guys interested in being introduced to potential wives.


So if you single and interested to learn more about our affiliate program where you are eligible to be matched with one of our VIP clients, and are looking for honesty, not false hope, contact us!


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