I represent a beautiful, petite, blue-eyed Victoria woman who at this point is not necessarily looking for the love of her life, (although it would be nice to find him) she’s just looking to make a friendly connection.

She simply does the things she loves; she looks for art gallery events, enjoys outdoor concerts, nature walks, sidewalk cafes and browsing at Bolen Books. Whether to Parksville or Portugal, she’s open to local weekend getaways or more adventuresome travel.

Are you, or someone you know, a man in his 70’s who is genuine, and would like to meet a woman who has a natural and comfortable energy about her?

Interested? Email me at [email protected]

As seen in the Times Colonist Sunday May 29 2016 – Victoria BC

PS-VTC-SE-70 is the New 50 Sun May 29 2016-page-001

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