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Are you haunted by regrets about a relationship from your past that didn’t work out “I should have tried harder” or regret not taking a chance to see what could have been “the one that got away”.

The real truth is that most have had at least a few romantic regrets-and they definitely do matter.

According to a recent study from Northwestern University, while women were more likely than men to have regrets about romantic relationships, men had their fair share as well. About 44 percent of the regrets described by women were about relationship mistakes, compared to 19 percent for men. Despite that obvious gender difference in the study’s results, men who cared deeply for the women they lost are just as regretful, if not more so, than women.

Tip: Use your regrets as motivation to do things differently the next time you’re with someone or thinking of meeting someone new.   You’re so ahead of the game if you can learn from the past and not make the same mistake twice.

Bottom line: A healthy amount of regret is a good thing, because it can motivate you to get things right when the chance presents itself with someone new. In the end, we all make romantic mistakes — but it’s how you get up and rebound from them that matters most. Instead of letting regret dominate your thoughts, give yourself credit for what you’ve done right and focus on not repeating those patterns from past relationships that didn’t work out in the future.

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