Vaccination badges and “super swipes” for people who have gotten their coronavirus shots were announced   this week.   Major dating apps in the U.K. including Tinder, Match and Bumble have partnered with the government to allow users to display a badge indicating that they have been vaccinated for COVID-19.

But here is the caveat- its based-on trust and there is NO WAY of VERIFING.

Internet dating sites have already proven a possible lack of protection features when it comes down to identification verification. Most of the people we speak to say this has been a growing reason why online daters have grown to be much more skeptical and looking to alternative methods, like matchmaking to connect with other singles who are verified in person.  Over the last few years, I have heard several stories of crime linked to internet dating where crooks are producing profiles, photos, even dummy website pages that are fake and they continue to seek out vulnerable singles on dating apps, even when the authorities are contacted.

So, how exactly can you get verification on others you might potentially date? 

Considering our very own research and thru the information of people we speak to everyday say they appreciate that all our clients have actually been thru a face-to-face, Matchmaker Verified process. Where confidentiality and protection are priority and personal data is not shared and they are matched with others who are verified as well, and that they are genuine and legitimate.

If you are trying to look for long term LOVE, only use a trusted, well-known Matchmaking Service.

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