If you are reading this, I already know that you are searching for the same thing that our BC Bachelor is.

He understands the theory that hoping and wishing, no matter the time, are not enough to find a new relationship, or better yet find love.  In our experience, finding your soul mate requires a different, far more soul-enriching approach that can only enhance the outcome. He appreciates we search from our verified database of eager single women who would quite like a boyfriend, along with diligently recruiting as part of his plan.  We know he is not one for “dating” and he trusts our process of arranging this search, because we know who he is and who he would like in his life.

So, to all the single ladies, I am honestly giving you a chance to meet one of our best Bachelors in an exclusive way, and at no cost to you.  He is ready to meet you and he’s quite the catch!

He’s a tall, handsome, fit and established entrepreneurial semi-retired BC gent living in the sea-to-sky area.  He prefers mountain views with a long stretch of weekend time off with no official plans, yoga on the deck or simply lounging by the fireplace with a really good book. A former professional athlete, he’s equally comfortable in a business suit, ski suit, hiking boots or snowshoes; he enjoys golf and continues to travel and seek out new adventures.  

If you are an attractive, effortlessly athletic woman 55-65 who is less concerned about climbing the corporate ladder and more about spending quality time together, enjoy the mindset and variety of what a mountain lifestyle has to offer, then he’s looking forward to meeting you.  

Forward a short description of yourself and current photo to [email protected] and we will contact you for a personal confidential interview.


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  1. Lorina Lyne
    Lorina Lyne says:

    Hello I’m a 42 year old real estate investor.I love getting outdoors and have a real passion for travelling.I love animals and good food like romantic dinners.I’m looking for love and don’t have any kids.Currently I’m in Nanaimo and hoping to find someone who wants to do fun things together as a companion and friend at first and see if we’re compatible to go to the next level.


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