Our shared Birthday……..March 30……..Here we are quite a few birthdays a go….

Jane 3 years old and Jill 2 years old……

Here we are today, for Lunch, taking a break from spreading the love……on our Birthday !  Friday March 30th, 2012


Check out the interview with Dan Kahn – reporter for Shaw Cable TV-Victoria, airing this week February 9 thru 16th, where I talk about getting your dating groove back!

Here is the link to match maker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NW9myGn22Lg




I had the good fortune to be asked by Steve Darling to appear on his morning show to talk about the Vancouver Dating Scene, and where do people go to meet other singles?

Watch for the video footage in the next few days……….in the meantime here is a picture of Steve and I after the interview.

You’ve got a new look; you feel great, all dressed up but no place to go?

Come out to Paris Cliniqe Boutique and have some wine, appys and meet me,  Jane Carstens Vancouver’s favorite Matchmaker.

I have a roster of eligible men who are working with me to find their soul mates.

No quality single guys in Vancouver? That’s news to Me!.

With over a decade of matchmaking success, my company Matchmaker For Hire specializes in finding the right partner in the 40 and over demographic. I will be at Paris Cliniqe to let you know what’s what in the Vancouver dating scene and who I’ve got for you.

You never know, this may be a Valentines Day to remember!

I will be at Paris Cliniqe between 6:30 and 9pm on Friday February 10th



Last week I attended a shower for Wendy and Bill, a couple I matched together  September 2010, and the big DAY is less than weeks away at a family ceremony in Mexico!!!!

Kim P (pictured right),  referred Wendy (62, pictured center) a friend of hers to me to help her in her quest to finding her soul mate.  Wendy even went on Shaw TV with me in an interview at the beginning of her soul mate journey that you can watch, and is posted on my site on my media page.   Bill, the second gent I  sent her on a date with,  didn’t start out as that instant match. They had a great time on their first date, and she said she hadn’t felt so good in ages, but she wasnt sure…..I said, Why don’t you just try seeing him again?  The next Halloween — nearly a year from their first meeting — he trick-or-treated at her door dressed up in costume, dropped to his knees, with a ring in his hand.

I can still remember her calling to tell me the news. She was crying and said, ‘If you hadn’t encouraged me to see him again, I might not have. Now I’m getting married!’”

Many Thanks to Kim, and Congratulations to the Happy Couple, Bill and Wendy!!!!!!!  Happy Retirement too!!!!!!


Well from the amount of warm emails I received and the buzz at the venue last Thursday night the Matchmaker For Hire/Church and State Singles Event was a total hit. I had a great time loved the food, loved the wine. I had a lot of fun reading  your responses to the question “What kind of wine would you be and why”  prior to the event when I was doing the matching, there were some truly imaginative narratives. Kim Pullen featured some very good tasting wine paired with some amazing appys created by Church and States Candace Hartley (the deep fried shrimp was my favourite , followed closely by the Lamb slider(s), I had a couple I couldn’t help myself.)




A shot of Jill and I just before heading to Church and State winery. I was a little nervous about the speech I was going to give that night, I’m not a natural public speaker, but I got through it none the less.





Kim Pullen helped us understand the wine parings and  little history of the origins of Syrah/Shiraz debate.



The best part of the night was watching as people went through their lists and searched out their matches.




Then watching as the magic happen as people got together.



Thanks to April Ponsford and Birgit Piskor for their gallery showing.







We even had a raptor

Here’s some more random shots of people mingling :











We are sad to announce the passing of Helénè Falardeau, a beloved dear friend and colleague of Jill and myself for some years. She is now at peace from her 5+ year courageous battle with cancer. Helene’s life was a great source of pride and inspiration thru her art, her attention to detail and her creative talents.  We will remember the fun we had at the office matching and writing bios as a team. Although she was the size of a minute, she had the heart and strength of a lion.  She always ceased to amaze us and was a source of inspiration and knowing when it came to the spiritual realm. Never afraid of what was waiting for her at the end she was happy and content at returning to where she belonged (home).  We will miss her deeply.