We all know that breakups can be really hard and we all cope in our own individual ways. Here’s a couple of ways that might help you heal faster and even help you make a little money to move on and put towards working with a Matchmaker!

museum of broken relationships

The Museum of Broken Relationships (a museum in Zagreb, Croatia) opened up in LA this week and it displays artifacts of personal objects left over from former lovers and failed romances. Accompanying each item are the stories of anonymous individuals who held on to them for years all genuine and authenticity guaranteed.

Ever Gone thru a break up and sell everything your ex gave you well here’s the eBay for break ups. Never Liked it Anyway! A place to shed the stories and the stuff, while clearing out all traces of the exes…..the tell all in the stories are the best however if your superstitious negative history can be a bad thing.


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