Heads Up!  It’s ONE MONTH till Valentine’s Day. Watching the Covid-19 data everyday, as I tend to do, has been a grim ritual.  In my neighbourhood, in the places where my friends, family, clients live and across the nation the cases, hospitalizations are getting worse and some are finding better.  So, when will there be some relief? 

The good news is dating is still happening despite a few new protocols.  As usual, there are caveats and province to province there are snags. Vancouver & Victoria you can still go out for a socially distanced drink or dinner, Edmonton & Calgary is shutdown to all indoor gatherings, and Toronto & Ottawa are on strict lockdowns.  Although it’s hard to know exactly what to do next if you are wanting to date, singles are more open to a more virtual first date (unless you are in or want to come to BC, right now its looking pretty good).  By getting vaccinated, pretty soon it will be significant enough to have a more positive effect on the big picture for traditional dating, fingers crossed by mid-February.  

All that said, I’m hopeful that my morning ritual will soon become a lot less watching and a lot more MATCHMAKING.

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