Most single people are already set in their heads that they are skipping this year’s Valentines Day, but if you really want me to give you some advice……Leave any leftover lovers in 2020, do not bring them with you into 2021.  By leaving old relationships and baggage behind you can be open to the new possibilities moving forward.

If you can think of it as New Years Day for a moment.  It is a time to hit the reset button on our lives.  We make resolutions, we think about goals we want to reach, and if we are proactive, we make a plan to get there.  This year imagine Valentines Day as a “Love Life Reset Day” — time to make resolutions in your love life.

In working with singles from new relationships to broken marriages to couples that has lasted for many years, I’ve learned that love is more about caring and kindness than romance and passion.  Personally, I’ve always been as confused about love as anyone—probably more so.  I think that by matchmaking for the last 20 years has in some ways caught me up to where some peoples understanding was already!  And I’m only partly joking about that.  Overall, my client’s stories have made me feel grateful and its what drives me knowing everyone wants love but not everyone can find it.

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