It’s hard to see what’s right in front of you —literally.

I say this because I feel that this seems to happen quite frequently in the lives of the singles that I meet.  Things especially in dating, that are obvious and right in front of us tend to get overlooked, taken for granted or assumed otherwise.

So how can we all be better “participants” in the crazy world of dating?  Instead of merely pointing out the problems with someone maybe we can be more invested and look at the positives.  When combined with some experienced dating support (like your Matchmaker), re-noticing the exercise and examining its outcome can go a long way towards getting more 2nd dates.  For me, this is a standard for all our clients that can only lead to success in finding that what you want —can be right in front of you, sometimes even a few blocks away!

Things change continuously around us, and its easy to see something new everyday if you just open your eyes to it and your ideal match often hides just beyond what is immediately visible.

Can you see it?

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