I hear it everyday, where are all the singles?  Well listen up YVR, Vancouver Singles do exist—but they’re just hard to find.

If you have decided to leave it to luck alone — I decided to turn to the science of it and research some Stats Canada data to find the highest concentrations of single women in Metro Vancouver.

In the few blocks along Granville south of Broadway, seven out of ten women are single – more than double the regional average.  Surprising?  Well that’s also true for much of Kits, especially the area between Maple and Vine Streets, and between Venables and First on Commercial Drive. But take a drive out to rural Langley, and east of WR in Surry, the odds of finding a single woman much lower.  There, less that two out of ten women are single.

Our take: Sometimes a guy needs a little help!

I can make you feel closer to winning the dating game than ever before!

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