Have you ever told one of your single friends that they’re totally crazy for not asking out your attractive, funny, single friend?  No ? Well it happens in my world all the time.  If you are single and one of your mutual friends are single, everybody wants to know; Why don’t you go out with her? She’s pretty, she’s smart, she’s fun and she’s SINGLE;  what more could you want ?

Great question.  I bring this to your attention because, more often than not, this is something that can feel awkward,  however not entirely unique and most of you can empathize with the frustrating aspects of dating. 

Allow me to help you ….. appreciate setups and little nudges from your friends.  I can’t necessarily put my finger on it, and it’s not always entirely clear to me how compatibility works, but  you know what ? Sometimes it can work and it doesn’t mean you are a “fool” for not going after it.  Nah.  It just means that love’s a mystery sometimes and you’re still out there trying!

Wheels, Whiskey and She’s Single; what more do you want?

Single Gents , I am giving you a chance to meet one of my best VANCOUVER Bachelorettes—in an exclusive way, and at no cost to you.

LC balances her need for independence with the desire for love and partnership and she’s quite the catch. She’s 60 and an attractive, active,  financially secure Prairie Girl Professional who has time for fun and travel; is giving, smart and unique.  She enjoys sportscars, a whiskey straight up and hopes to find someone who doesn’t take their lives overly seriously.   

Contact me at [email protected] to learn more for yourself, your single Dad, Uncle or pass it on to your friends. 

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