If you are single on Thanksgiving this weekend you may easily feel a little nervous going home for the holidays anticipating the family court of questions about your love life.  You shouldn’t be ashamed for being single and letting them know there isn’t a “SO” in your life.  I am not saying it won’t sting a little bit, but not being in a relationship is a great time to explore what you’re into and the kind of person you see yourself with. 

Rest assured there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, and it’s totally valid if you want people to stop questioning you about your lack of partner in your life.  A simple solution; say “I’m single, so, what’s new with you?”.  It’s a clear and straightforward way to pivot the conversation that you don’t want to discuss it any further. 

From there, you can enjoy the food, fall weather, and the rest of the night- Single doesn’t have to go home early!

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