Years ago, most widows, after the death of their husband or a divorcée from a decades long marriage, didn’t remarry or even date again. Now, most want a new next chapter that includes life with a new romantic partner- which begs a common question to those now sharing life’s adventures, how do you introduce him to others?   

I have asked several of my re-partnered clients what they call the new man in their lives and was amazed at the dozens of terms they offered.  Not surprisingly most felt “boyfriend” sounded immature, “significant other” seemed too formal and “companion” more like an ideal dinner date.  So I’ve summarized their alternative suggestions along with a few others I found online.  Some are hilarious, a few are moot and others are downright descriptive;

  • Guy Friend, Bedfellow (is it a potential partner or simply a guy…. friend?)
  • Partner in Crime  (maybe good if you are outlaws on the run)
  • Soulmate (implies forever, which is a rather impossible length of time to grasp)
  • Best Buddy, Better Half (some may argue it’s better not to be best friends with your partner)
  • Undocumented husband, UPIARR -unmarried party in a romantic relationship, UPLIS -unmarried person living in sin (its more likely used to prevent deportation)

So what do I suggest you introduce the man you are sharing your life with ?  Just use his name simply saying  “I want you to meet James”.  Others will readily see that you’re together on more than a casual date.  You can also add, “We’re great partners”, if you think a bit more information would be helpful.

How do you feel about the word “boyfriend”? If you don’t use this term, how do you refer to your partner?  Please share your thoughts below!

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