Over the last 16 years, setting up thousands of dates for my clients in Victoria most say they are looking to find a nook and steal a potential kiss!

I felt I should do some up to date research on making it a memorable one……thought I’d share a few findings:

Fan Tan Alley – Find a nook in NA narrowest commercial street to steal a kiss.  For a little extra luck pass thru Gate of Harmonious Interest and the red streetscape in Chinatown.

Mount Douglas Park – You can drive or hike to the top and share a view of Victoria – go at sunset and watch the snow-capped Olympic Mountains turn pink—this summer especially! Are you melting yet?

Sipping Martinis at Vista18 – unforgettable views, cityscape and the Inner Harbour, ocean, mountains!

Westsong Way – From the west side of the harbour, you’ll get the vest views of the Victoria skyline including the Empress Hotel and Parliament Buildings.

Dallas Road – Walk along the waterfront from Ogden Point to Clover Point, plenty of places off the pathway to hide a picnic basket lunch for two, take in the scenery and take the stairs along the walk that lead to quiet pocket beaches.

Willows Beach – pack a picnic and blanket; watch the moon rise over the ocean on the strip of sand in Oak Bay is totally a smooth move!  Let’s just say you won’t need hot chocolate!

Where’s your place you like to set off some sparks?



Are you looking for love in Victoria/Vancouver Island?

Contact Me [email protected] .  I’m on the island meeting singles every week.


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