Apparently, Oct 3 is National Boyfriend Day.  Just because the internet says so doesn’t mean it’s a thing, however if you are single and actually quite like a boyfriend, we sure don’t need another day to rub it in.  So instead of making it another day of a larger societal trend of making single women feel bad, just for being single (yes, that’s right we know you do that), take a day to remind yourself that your other half DOES exist. 

So, to all the single ladies on National Boyfriend Day, I am giving you a chance to meet one of my best Vancouver Bachelors—in an exclusive way, and at no cost to you.  

LD is ready to put himself out there and he’s quite the catch! He is in his late 40’s, tall, dark, and good-looking Professional Athlete who is a philanthropist, caring, giving, smart, sincere and unique. He enjoys living a healthy lifestyle balanced with showing off his culinary skills, spoiling his nieces, and travel.  He hopes to find his special woman soon so contact us  [email protected] to learn more for yourself or pass it on to your best girlfriends.

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