Much of the world today seems to operate on contracts.  With such a “quid pro quo” approach, both sides get something for giving something.  While quid pro quo contracts seem to work well in establishing things such as lawn service or credit card agreements, they rarely are found in any healthy, dating relationships. 

Why?  That’s because inherent in the “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” approach is the fact that each partner keeps a runny tally of who’s done what for whom, and then reciprocates accordingly.  And we all know that we have times when we contribute less in our relationships than your partner and that relationships are rarely a perfect 50/50 division; sometimes you do more sometimes you do less.

However, in a world today where we have due dates, late fees and quid pro quo responsibilities to keep track of, it should bring comfort for many to be in a relationship where kind acts are done out of genuine love, not in hopes of getting something in return.

No tallies, no who did what and not whose turn is next.  It’s a great feeling, and a great way to keep love alive, especially when you are dating.  Now go do something nice.

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