As first dates can go, they can start almost perfectly.  Flattered and impressed by each others confidence, no doubt been honed by a sharp-elbowed and occasionally brutal local dating scene, you meet again. Your reward?  A text sent just hours later informing you that they’re sincerely sorry but didn’t think we were a “romantic match”.  This is just one of many experiences I hear all the time from people I meet as they gingerly dip a toe in the dating pool.

What I have found in this fearsome new world is there has been some big changes in particular and a new heartlessness pervades dating.  This means people are cut-throat and brash about what they want, and if they don’t see it immediately in an online profile or in a face to face date, they are gone. Second is the seemingly irresistible rise of internet dating. The past decade, online dating has gone from somewhat of a freak show, to today, having the “creeping” capabilities to root out a host of eccentrics on every site.

So, you ask yourself how do I find myself still single all the while your thinking about the possibility of finding love again? With the recent statistics in Canada revealing that 54% of the population is single, the newly single should never give up and bear one thing in mind—positivity is contagious, and always retain your sense of humor.  That way if you’re hurt, you wont stay hurt for long.

Oh, hiring a Matchmaker can’t hurt either!

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