For many years, I can’t wait to watch all the Christmas movies possible that are aired on television during this holiday week.  Almost all Christmas movies follow the standard formula of someone discovering happiness over the holiday season usually by falling in LOVE.  Some of these movies are good as long as they’re done well.  So, without further ado……here are my favorites as I look forward to re-watching again this year. What’s yours?

Movie: A Boyfriend for Christmas – A young girl asks Santa for a boyfriend, which he promised to deliver in 20 years.  Twenty years later the same Santa brings her together with a boy she met briefly in her youth…..(Déjà vu)

Movie: Married By Christmas – Lady executive of a family business must get married before Christmas to prevent her slightly flaky sister from inheriting the company….(might be worth it!) 

Movie: Marry Me for Christmas – Business woman hires an employee to act as her fiance over Christmas to satisfy a mother pressuring her to get married….(who isn’t familiar with this one!)

Movie: The Mistletoe Promise – Two people hurt during past Christmases come together in a pact to help each other professionally over the holiday…..(The obvious happens)

Movie: Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus – Santa’s son has to find a wife before Christmas….(call Matchmaker Santa!)

Oh Oh Oh Merry Christmas !

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