Sports………that’s how we met people in Canada.  It’s so hard to meet people in our cities, but we all get together over sports. Last night the Warriors forced the NBA finals to  Game 6 with the Raptors, so here’s your chance.   If you need proof there’s more to sports than sport, then how about going to a sporting event on a first date.  Here’s our thoughts;

  • If she’s a fan of the team I don’t see why not.  Normally I’d see as a bad move, but all depends on how comfort she is with it and if she’s excited to go then it’s a good move!
  • Awkward one to one conversations always go with first dates, so then a sporting event is a good way to go with no real pressure to be over romantic.
  • A first date should never be about getting to know them. First dates you should take your date somewhere fun and enjoyable where you don’t have to spend a lot of time actually talking to them, but you just enjoy their company. Like the movies, mini golf, a sports game, something casual like that. It’s comfortable to be around each other and helps break the ice. The Second date is where you take them to dinner and actually have a 1 on 1, in-depth, continuous conversation.  And the bonus is you’ll always have a bailout conversation topic, because you can just revisit and talk about whatever you did on the first date.
  • More so than any other the idea of a game date depends on the girl.  For example, if you take a date to a Blue Jays game and she played softball in college and is a huge baseball fan, it would be cool…however you might not do it with anyone else you date.
  • I think it would be a more casual experience than something that usually comes with a lot of pressure, like dinner. If it goes well and the other person is into it as much as you (or at least tries to be) it lets you get comfortable with each other quicker. That said, you probably won’t get much time to talk if you’re watching the game, and if you’re a huge fan and they’re not, it could push them away. So maybe do something else in addition after to it where you can talk more.
  • There’s always so much going on and there’s BEER. Who wouldn’t love to be taken to a game on a first date, beer makes everything so much fun. Even if she’s not a big sports fan, she’s sure to enjoy a laid back evening or afternoon courtside or at Jurassic Park. Even amateur teams tend to have more entertainment during the game, which will provide you with tons of conversation starters. Plus, the drinks and food won’t cost you an arm and a leg which is especially good news if things don’t pan out.
  • And lastly, If you’re finding conversation awkward at a sporting event trust me, it wouldn’t be any better at a dinner and you probably aren’t right for each other anyway.

Going to a sporting event on a first date, Yay or Nay?

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